Do you tend to carry most of your weight in your back, chest, arms, and stomach? Are you more slender from the hips down? If so, you are a cone.

Your Goal: Trim Upper Body and Strengthen Lower Body to Make Your Body More Symmetrical.

As a Cone, the rule of thumb is high reps and low resistance or weights for the upper body and high resistance and moderate to heavy weights for the lower body. Although unusual, a few Cones may bulk down below a bit if they are overweight. Typically, Cones shy away from abdominal exercises and lower-body exercises. It's important to focus on these areas so the body becomes better proportioned. Cones, especially male Cones, have a harder time than other body types giving up the heavy weight lifting for their upper bodies and if so, Exude suggests switching to more natural exercises such as push-ups, dips, chin-ups, or upper-body exercise routines with low weights and higher repetitions. You'll still possess great upper-body strength and your body will look much better proportioned.

Best exercises for the cone shape

  • All lower body exercises with moderate to heavy weights and/or resistance
  • Walking or jogging on incline
  • Upper body exercises with lightweight and high reps

Three exercises to avoid for the cone shape

  • All upper body exercises with moderate to high weights/resistance
  • Pilates with upper body moves only
  • All exercise classes with heavy hand weights or heavy weighted bars

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