Today, 70 is the new 55. That's right…The key is to keep stretching effectively to increase your flexibility and range-of-motion, maintain or build muscle mass and perform lots of endurance-type exercises that won't put undue or unwanted stress to your joints or bones. As we get older, while it is true that our metabolism slows a bit and we do lose flexibility and muscle mass, it is not the main reason why our bodies start to fall apart. Our bodies fall apart as we age because we are not exercising (sorry, being active by merely taking a stroll counts very little towards your fitness/health life). You want hope? A seventy five year-old can be stronger and fitter than a 35 year-old individual – if the older person has been exercising properly throughout their adult life and the younger one has neglected or abandoned their fitness regimen. In addition, just as your body can change for the worst at any age, so can it improve at any age provided that you're engaging in a full-body exercise regimen with the proper intensity and consistency.

Here's a fun fact: did you know that Exude's CEO and Founder, Edward was appointed the first-ever fitness columnist for AARP's Modern Maturity Magazine when he was a mere pup of only 37 years-old? That's right, Edward became their syndicated columnist and began educating the many millions of readers on many lifestyle and fitness topics including: How to increase your flexibility, best aerobic exercises, how to keep your muscles firm and supple, improving your balance, combating arthritis through proper exercise, the best exercises for golf and tennis and much, much more.

Exude works hand-in-hand with the senior market and designs fitness programs that are safe, efficient and effective. Whether you're a current, non-exerciser or someone that just plain loathes exercise, Exude motivates and educates you, despite any medical or orthopedic condition to make proper fitness part of your arsenal — to help ensure a longer, healthier and more productive life as your most precious years go on. And, Exude will condition your body properly and safely so that you can start taking up more active hobbies — as this is your insurance policy and determining factor to leading a full life!

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I am 77 years-old and until I came to Exude Fitness, I hadn’t exercised for probably 30+ years other than walking a block or two to hail a cab. Once I realized that I was having difficulty doing the simplest of chores/tasks, I had two choices; a) I could do nothing or b) I could get moving…and that’s when a buddy of mine turned me on to Edward and Exude. Today, four months later, I can honestly say without hesitation that had I not entrusted my fitness life to Exude, I would not be walking the 20+ blocks I am now capable of doing and at the same time, have greatly improved my health - so thanks guys.


Exude Fitness designs a personalized fitness program tailored to your lifestyle, body type, current level of fitness and your medical and orthopedic background. No matter where you are located in the world, Exude works with you one-on-one with our virtual training program!