Because... Exude is the only program to combine proven approaches to making proper exercise and sensible eating part of your lifestyle.  At Exude, we troubleshoot why you have not reached your fitness, health and aesthetic goals and then prescribe the most effective, safe and efficient way to become and stay fit long-term.  Simply put, people come to Exude Fitness to eliminate their problem-areas that they have not been able to do away with because with Exude, we teach you how to work with your body, not against it.

In theory, all exercises "could" be good for you to become more fit, but what if you should not or cannot perform any exercise due to constraints?  At Exude, we only prescribe specific exercises that you should be doing so that they do not exacerbate any medical and/or orthopedic issues you may be suffering from, coupled with all fitness movements that will enhance the way your body looks and feels.

Although you may have been somewhat motivated in the past to make improvements in managing your wellness goals, Exude has the differential edge in teaching you to become self-motivated so that you become empowered by owning the skill set of knowing precisely what and how to exercise each and every time you set out to workout.


At Exude, we often hear people say "I have tried everything to lose weight and get in better shape but nothing seems to work!"  Really?  You might have tried diets that you cannot adhere to because they are too restrictive and/or have followed some general or generic exercises that are actually increasing your appetite and/or making your problem-areas even worse...But with Exude, we prescribe all the foods and nutrients you should be consuming without eliminating food groups and all of the proper fitness movements that will overcome whatever genetics you are born with that are easy to perform. Everyone has a body type that falls into one of Exude’s four categories: Hourglass®, Spoon®, Ruler®or Cone®.  If you’ve been working out for 30 days or longer without seeing any results, you’re simply doing the wrong exercises for your shape. Exude is the only exercise program that designs a precise prescription around your specific body type and lifestyle so you can lose inches where you thought you couldn’t. 


With Exude, there is no “theory” or guesswork, just proven fitness methodologies. After a thorough lifestyle evaluation, you’ll receive a personalized exercise prescription precisely tailored to your body type, medical and orthopedic limitations, and lifestyle. That means you’ll always know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. And as you progress, we’ll adjust your exercise prescription to keep your workout fresh and challenging.  Just because you are working out does not mean you are truly getting fitter and with Exude, we will get you fit in all aspects of the medical definition and beyond, that defines the word fitness.   


The most important element in becoming and staying fit is consistency—and the key to consistency is an efficient fitness program you can perform anywhere. With Exude you won’t have to spend your life at the gym. You’ll be able to exercise anywhere, at home, while traveling, or at your current gym with a minimum of fitness equipment needed to be successful!  When you learn how to exercise properly with your body and not against it, Exude guarantees you will see and feel results within two weeks which will motivate you to continue and see that your efforts are finally well worth the time you have chosen to dedicate to exercise. 


With Exude, there are no fads or short-term-minded we are equally concerned with long-term change and success. Our ultimate purpose is not only to help you reach your initial goals, but to give you the knowledge and tools you need to stay fit for the rest of your life. After you work with Exude, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to maintain your fitness, health and aesthetics because with our guidance and proprietary techniques, you'll be able to properly exercise today, tomorrow and years from now without relying on anyone but yourself.  


Exude is the Landmark and Science when it comes to eliminating problem-areas through exercise.  All of our exercise prescriptions include the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) protocols. We address the five areas that the ACSM defines as “fitness:” flexibility, cardio-vascular conditioning, muscle strength, muscle endurance and body ratio. What is unique and proprietary is how you warm-up, the way you should stretch, which exercises to avoid and which ones to perform - based on your goals. Exude programs are patented and are all rooted in science, medical research, medical studies and 25+ years of hands-on empirical evidence.  We are the only institution that studies, measures and gauges the aesthetic effect, both good and bad, to specific exercises for both women and men. 


Think about it logically...if two people who are built differently with two different goals perform the same exercise, how could both of them achieve their desired outcome?  For example, an overweight Hourglass woman wants to lose weight and slim her legs and an underweight Ruler woman wishes to add muscle mass and gain size.  They both do heavy squats and take spinning classes... Based on this logic and theory, everyone would then own the same body with the exact proportions of their desired goals and obviously, this is not so...

At Exude, we teach you the exact exercises you need to perform to get to your desired goals.  Remember, motivation is married to results!


As a former college athlete and football player, like every other guy working out in the gym, I thought I knew how to exercise. Boy, was I wrong! Thanks to you guys, I now can touch my toes, don’t have a belly and more importantly, have been the fittest in all of my adult years.



Exude Fitness designs a personalized fitness program tailored to your lifestyle, body type, current level of fitness and your medical and orthopedic background. No matter where you are located in the world, Exude works with you one-on-one with our virtual training program!