Exude offers an array of services aimed at children from elementary school through high school. 

Statistically, if your child is obese and/or out-of-shape entering high school, he/she has a very slim chance of not carrying this burden over to college and then adulthood. 

Making proper fitness part of their lifestyle as a youth proves to be a vital tool as your child grows up. 

And just as you parent smartly and are hopefully teaching your child healthy eating habits, the significance of completing homework and studying, the discipline of exercise (not just sports – because with some sports, it's not vigorous enough to receive the required health & fitness improvements) and its value helps increase self-esteem, body image and equally important, confidence in oneself.

Here is a partial list of services that Exude can provide to help your child:

  • Children that are obese and/or pre-diabetic
  • Children that are diabetic
  • Children who have asthma
  • Children that have any type of difficulty focusing
  • Children that loathe exercise and lack motivation to move
  • Children with low energy
  • Children who are yearning for better self-esteem and confidence with
  • Children who play sports but want to improve their performance
  • Children who are currently out-of-shape, possess the desire, but lack the conditioning needed to start playing sports
  • Children with Autism
  • Children who have mental/physical special needs 

At Exude we are committed to developing the health and fitness of the next generation. 

Over the years, we have worked with scores of schools, daycare centers and camps throughout the New York City and Tri-State region, Florida, California and the UK. 

From elementary classrooms to high school auditoriums, Exude has presented countless age-appropriate classes, clinics and lectures on topics including; fitness, nutrition, teamwork, awareness of differences, improving self-esteem and confidence and various sports-specific exercise techniques.

We have also assisted with the redesigning of elementary and middle school Physical Education Programming, working side-by-side with the principals and teachers in order to have a more comprehensive fitness, sports and exercise curriculum.