So, now you’re ready to learn how to finally get that “A” in gym class…

The first step to the Exude Fitness Program is to schedule a Body Type Assessment & Workout with a Program Director from Exude either virtually or in-person. The purpose of this Assessment is twofold: 1) To gather and discuss facts and information Exude needs in order to write the perfect fitness prescription for you that is safe, effective & efficient and, 2) For you, the potential client to get a feel for Exude as an organization, the fitness system, which will then help you decide to determine if you'd like to come on board as an Exude client.

During this private one-on-one time frame with you, here's what you can expect:


During your initial Assessment, we address, evaluate and review with you the following aspects and factors:

  • Your current lifestyle
  • Your unique body type
  • Your medical background & orthopedic limitations (if any)
  • Your existing workout routine (if any)
  • Your current level of fitness
  • Your motivation level
  • Your priority level (how important is it to look & feel your best)
  • Your activities/sports you are participating in (if any)
  • Your daily eating habits and daily diet (what you're eating & drinking)
  • Your special dietary/nutritional needs (if any)
  • Your fitness, health and aesthetic goals

Then, we speak with you about why you have not been able to achieve all of your goals; i.e. you may be working out with enough frequency, but doing the wrong exercises for your body type. Or, perhaps you are performing too much aerobic exercise and not enough resistance training and core work. Or, because of a back injury or such, the fear of further injuring yourself is greater than the motivation and education you currently possess and as a result, you are not going to take the “risk" and do anything fitness-wise to compromise your condition and attempt increase your fitness level. Or, it could simply be because of lack of results, and so, you are no longer motivated to exercise.

Whatever the reason(s), constraint(s) and/or present mindset you possess, Exude will identify these factors for you and find the solution to your obstacles.


After the Evaluation process, we now have enough information to determine what, how & why you should be doing exercise-wise. For instance:

Your Lifestyle – Dictates where, when, what days and how long you will be exercising.

Your Medical & Orthopedic Background – Helps determine what exercises you should not be performing to ensure safety and what region of your body may need special attention in order to help improve a specific condition.

Your Body Type – Specifies exactly which exercises to perform or not while exercising that will aesthetically improve your body and those movements needed to correct your problem-areas.

Current Level of Fitness & Motivation – Helps gauge the intensity at which you will start exercising at and teach you motivational techniques to ensure consistency as well as prioritizing how important exercise can be to you.

All of the above information is carefully analyzed and integrated in helping us educate you as to the facts and real answers why your body has not responded to your current fitness routine and/or if you are just embarking on your fitness journey.  Equally important, is what you should not be doing while exercising. For example; you might genetically be predisposed to have large thighs, but the road (exercises) you've chosen to correct that very issue is actually exacerbating the problem and making your thighs larger…Not a problem, because we are just going to shift your energy towards performing the proper exercises to shed that unwanted mass to look your best.


You are now ready for the action portion of your Assessment, a one-on-one, full-body exercise session with your Program Director either virtually or in-person. For example; if you indicated to us that your lifestyle is such that you travel often, then we will ask what, if any fitness equipment you'll have excess to, so that the fitness routines we'll be designing for you will mimic that exact environment. Or, perhaps you workout in a gym and have access to a variety of fitness equipment and you enjoy using machines. Exude will train and teach you how to utilize those machines effectively and efficiently — based on your goals and body type to ensure success each & every time you workout.

After your personalized workout, Exude then reviews with you which exercises are best-suited for your goals as well as give you feedback on how currently “fit" you are based on the medical definition of fitness and standards from The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), which are: flexibility, endurance, strength, cardiovascular/aerobic and body ratio (% of lean muscle mass vs. body fat).

Once your initial workout session has been completed, we then teach you how to take your measurements (optional) and set time goals as to when your body will look the way you want it to look. And, if you have special needs like a back or knee issue, the timeline when you can expect to feel and see improvements. We will also review and discuss with you your nutrition needs to be addressed and how it plays an integral part of your success — especially if weight loss is one of your goals.

Next up, is discussing with you the different packages of sessions Exude offers and how many training sessions you'll need to be able to perform your personalized workouts on your own. Here, we take into consideration your budget, where and when you'll be exercising as well as establish whether you want to do them virtually or come to one of Exude's locations to perform your training sessions or, if you would like Exude to come to your home, apartment or fitness center/gym located where you live in the areas we service. Exude then will assign the proper fitness consultant to work with you that best matches up with your personality and goals.

Once you've completed your sessions, you will possess the knowledge and tools necessary to make proper fitness part of your lifestyle. Thereafter, Exude will meet with you once every few months (or more if necessary), to do tune-ups with you to help hold you accountable - as well as update and adjust your workout programs that we initially designed for you to keeping on par with your improved level of fitness  and to keep you on top of your fitness game.


When Exude told me that I was bulking my Hourglass body type because of all the weights I was lifting, I thought you guys were quacks. Fast forward six months and it’s all the other so-called “experts” that turned out to be the real ducks - I have never been fitter, slimmer and no longer have saddlebags sticking out like flag poles.


Exude Fitness designs a personalized fitness program tailored to your lifestyle, body type, current level of fitness and your medical and orthopedic background. No matter where you are located in the world, Exude works with you one-on-one with our virtual training program!