Exude Global Fitness provides our proprietary customized program and extraordinary benefits virtually to all individuals both here in the USA and to those who live abroad.

For over 20 years, Exude has been offering our virtual Exude Global Fitness to beginners to everyday avid exercisers, children to the elderly, slightly overweight or obese, sports-crazed types to special population groups. Whether you live in Hawaii, Kansas, the UK or even Hong Kong, you can Exude confidence and possess that fit and shapely body you've always desired. It's like having us right there next to you, guiding and teaching you how to work out properly and how to maximize results.

For those who choose not to utilize our one-on-one training in the areas we service, whether in the U.S., abroad, or traveling on business or pleasure, you can still take advantage of Exude's customized fitness services by choosing our interactive Exude Global Fitness Program. Exude prescribes a customized fitness program by Skype or Zoom - depending upon what you have access to…

With Exude Global Fitness, you get the same proprietary body type assessment & evaluation, program and results – no matter where you are. Exude sends you a simple form that asks the vital questions about your body type, current fitness level, medical & orthopedic background, lifestyle and your specific goals that we would in person.

After careful review and evaluation of your completed form, one of Exude's Program Directors will call you to prescribe, confidentially, a fitness program tailored for your specific body-type and lifestyle, medical background and your specific needs and goals…

Your personalized fitness program will then be sent to you for you to follow to start changing your body for the better.

You will also receive two follow-up consultations to discuss your progress.

And Exude’s expertise is always just a phone-call, email or Skype/Zoom away. We're here to answer questions and provide whatever guidance, information or motivation you need to stay focused and on course.


  • A 45-minute phone consultation with an Exude Program Director
  • Complete lifestyle assessment
  • Review of your medical & orthopedic background
  • Evaluation of your current fitness program based on your goals
  • Guidance on how to exercise properly for your body type based on any and all fitness equipment you have access to
  • Motivational tactics to maintain consistency with your exercise program
  • Demonstrations and corrections on form/alignment on all the body type exercises you will be performing
  • A custom-designed and individualized fitness prescription, including an “Off Day" routine and travel training regimen
  • Two (2) five-minute follow-up phone or Skype consults to insure as you progress, we update your fitness program


We email you a simple lifestyle and medical form to fill out which includes; a) what's your body type, b) your medical and orthopedic background, c) your current level of fitness, d) your goals, e) where will you be exercising, at home, at your gym or while traveling and, f) what fitness equipment you have access to on a regular basis.


Once we have this information, there is no guesswork. One of Exude's certified Program Directors will then make an appointment to Skype with you to discuss confidentially all of the above in addition to your current lifestyle and how you can start making proper fitness a consistent part of your daily life by incorporating our expertise and tailored workout regimens. Just as all of Exude's clients across the globe see fast, visible results, you too will start to see an improvement in the way you look, feel and function within two weeks!


After your Program Director has properly assessed what you should and should not be doing in the way of fitness and exercise, we then instruct and show you the proper form and alignment for all of the exercises that you will be performing. After your initial Skype/Zoom session with us, we then email your personalized fitness programs complete with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations that match up to each one of the exercises prescribed within your routines. You will receive a full-body exercise regimen plus an additional “off day" routine that primarily focuses on your “problem" areas.

You are now ready to embark on the Exude Global Fitness Program by calling 1-800-EXUDE or 212-644-9559 or by contacting us.

And, if you feel you need some additional support, motivation and/or personal training, Exude also offers short, medium and long-term virtual one-one-one training to fit your budget and needs.

**For those of you, who are looking to lose weight a bit faster than normal in addition to becoming more fit, make sure to inquire about our 8-Day Escape Your Shape Eating Plan – guaranteed to help you lose weight – fast!


Before I read an article touting the praises of Exude Fitness, I signed up for one those internet workout programs and boy, was I disappointed…Not only did I bulk which made my saddlebags look worse, it was not individualized for my specific needs in any form or fashion as all they wanted me to do was purchase their nutritional supplements, so I could keep spending $$ with them. Thanks to Exude, not only do I now have a fitness program that is working, I can call and ask questions without being solicited to buy anything. Thanking you from Australia.


Exude Fitness designs a personalized fitness program tailored to your lifestyle, body type, current level of fitness and your medical and orthopedic background. No matter where you are located in the world, Exude works with you one-on-one with our virtual training program!