Why is it that some women who have a few or more children have trimmer tummies than some moms who have only had one child? Simply put; the moms with a flat belly are more consistent with the right exercises and exercise in such a fashion that burns away that fat with the proper intensity and they also pay a bit more attention to their daily food intake. Every mom can lose weight and get back in shape if she is willing to make it a big enough priority and equally important — knowing which exercises are most effective for losing that muffin top, the hip region and to help rid some extra or new cellulite that perhaps has suddenly appeared.

All the medical science points to three essential components to lose lower belly fat; 1) frequency, duration and intensity of aerobic exercise, 2) a comprehensive core and abdominal routine that properly focuses on both the upper and lower abs as well as the hip and upper thigh region and, 3) To lower the total amount of food that you are consuming, especially for mothers who have finished nursing, and who no longer require those must-needed extra calories and nutrients. With Exude, not only will you escape your baby weight, you will become healthier and fitter and be able to wear any bathing suit with comfort and pride.

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