Do you tend to carry most of your weight in your back, chest, arms, and stomach?

Are you more slender from the hips down and is your upper body considerably bigger than your lower body when you look in the mirror?

When you exercise, do you add mass and size easily to your upper body but find it near impossible to add mass down below? 

Do you literally have no hips if you are a woman?

If so, you are a Cone. 

You also may have really good strength in your upper body but poor flexibility and strength down below. 

And perhaps, both your upper and lower belly needs improvement.

Approximately 2% of American women and 10% of American men are Cones.

Exude’s patented, one-on-one virtual fitness programs are personalized, and geared towards teaching you how to exercise specifically for your Cone body type.

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YOUR GOAL: Trim Upper Body and Strengthen Lower Body to Make Your Body More Symmetrical

As a Cone, the rule of thumb is high reps and low resistance or weights for the upper body and high resistance and moderate to heavy weights for the lower body.

Typically, Cones shy away from abdominal exercises and lower-body exercises because it is not easy for him/her to perform.

It's important to focus on these areas so the body becomes better proportioned.

Cones, especially male Cones, have a harder time than other body types giving up the heavy weight lifting for their upper bodies and if so, Exude suggests switching to more natural exercises such as push-ups, dips, chin-ups, or upper-body exercise routines with low weights and higher repetitions.

You'll still possess great upper-body strength and your body will look much better proportioned.


Cones appear heavier than they actually weigh because most of their weight is in their upper body and it is usually the first thing people see when looking at a person. 

Cones excel at any upper body strength moves and shy away from jogging because it is very uncomfortable but excel at quick, short movements and sports. 

And, cones don’t like to stretch their lower body because they are so stiff in this region and also have overdeveloped upper back and shoulder muscles and thus feel a lot of stress in their upper back and neck region.


  • All cardio for the lower body with moderate to heavy resistance
  • Walking on an incline
  • Spinning
  • All Upper body exercises with lightweight and high reps
  • Lunges, squats and all lower body weight lifting with moderate-high weights and/or resistance


  • All upper body exercises with moderate to high weights/resistance
  • Pilates with upper body moves only
  • All exercise classes with heavy hand weights or heavy weighted bars
  • Long distance running

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