Exude believes strongly that every company should have at the very least, a few components of a wellness program instituted in-house in order to get the most out of their employees. In addition to help lowering insurance claims and premiums, having a wellness program sends a very strong and positive message to your workers – and that is that you, as their employer cares about his/her well-being!

There are four (4) main constraints that might prevent corporations today from instituting in-house corporate wellness programs: (i) They think it's too expensive, (ii) They think that there isn't enough space, (iii) They think that their employees won't be committed and, (iv) They think the benefits will not offset the costs.

Exude equalizes these perceived constraints with its unique and business-like formula entitled the Sweat/Equity Ratio. And yes, while it's true that traditional and typical in-house corporate wellness programs are costly and require an enormous amount of space that companies just don't have today, Exude is able to overcome these barriers by offering its unique and proprietary “Flex Space Fitness System" Corporate Wellness Programming to companies of all sizes.

The key to installing a successfully managed corporate wellness program is the careful assessment of your employee's daily lifestyle, environment, current level of fitness, physical, mental, and emotional health and company morale. Another important intangible as to the degree of success within your organization is the aura of your day-to-day employees and what and how they feel about you, their employer. Most families today have both mom and pop working in some capacity. That being said, time is now the most valuable and precious asset that no one seems to have a lot of. You want to make a strong statement that will also pay off in droves? Implement some sort of an in-house corporate fitness program and now your employees can find the time for making proper fitness part of their hectic lifestyle and believe me, it's the best bonus you could give to them - as this is a bonus that just keeps giving back both tangible and intangible rewards.

Motivating your employees to make proper fitness and sensible eating a part of their hectic lifestyle is Exude's expertise. From our staffing of premier services to our products, books, educational pamphlets and video content, your company will greatly benefit from our 25+ years of expertise in the corporate wellness sector.

Please call us at 212-644-9559 to either schedule an in-person or virtual visit and walk-through of your company regarding corporate wellness.


Exude offers an array of lectures, seminars and workshops to multiple-type institutions. Over the years, its staff has performed countless motivational presentations to help individuals be the best that they can be in their everyday surroundings for both non-profit and for-profit firms.


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Please call us at 212-644-9559 to either schedule an in-person or virtual visit and walk-through of your company regarding corporate wellness.