Are you pretty much built straight up and down with very few curves?

Is there little difference in the circumferences of your chest, waist, and hips when you look in the mirror?

Do you tend to put extra weight on in your midsection?

Is it hard for you to add muscle both to your upper and lower body? 

Can you run all day or walk easily for miles at a slow to medium pace but find that sprinting or anything that requires more power and/or strength does not come as easy?

If so, you are a Ruler. 

Rulers for the most part also have poor hamstring flexibility and lower back issues and weak lower abs/core muscles.

Exude’s patented, one-on-one virtual fitness programs are personalized, and geared towards teaching you how to exercise specifically for your Ruler body type.

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YOUR GOAL: Trim Stomach region and Increase Hamstring Flexibility

As a Ruler, you pretty much have free rein to perform any kind of exercise, provided you are not overweight.

If you are overweight, ease up on the high weights and high resistance a little bit until you start to trim down.

Then you can incorporate both.

Protect your back! Don't skip your stretching routine before you work out, and stretch your hamstrings lightly at the end of all of your workouts. 

Since it is hard to build and retain muscle mass throughout your entire body, if you are looking to do so, lessen your cardio even though that what Rulers excel at so you are not burning muscle.


Rulers look great in all clothes but typically have the highest body fat percentage of all body types and hence the phrase “underweight, but over fat” meaning that you might weigh only 125 lbs. or so but over 30% of that 125 lbs. is fat. 

Rulers also have poor posture as they age IF he/she does not do the proper lower abdominal exercises and they usually don’t because they have tight hamstrings which affect their lower back muscles. 

In general though, Rulers have free reign to do any exercise he/she desires without any need to be concerned with mis-exercising for their body type.


  • Yoga, all stretch and calisthenics classes, Pilates on machines
  • Full sit-ups w/out locking feet, upper and lower abdominal moves
  • Jogging or walking with incline, Elliptical with high resistance
  • Spinning, lunges, squats with high weights and resistance


None – Unless you're overweight, all exercises are recommended. If you want to reduce your weight, use moderate resistance/weights until you reach your ideal weight and then you can increase both weights and resistance.

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