Over the years, Exude has discreetly helped many popular and less-known singers, movie stars, television stars, newscasters, models, and top executives of major corporations to become fit, and helping them achieve a specific “look" to perform their best and stay atop of their industry.

Whether you're a singer who needs to trim your legs and eliminate your saddlebags to give you a more sinewy look, to a newscaster that appears out-of-shape on television, to an actress who is exercising wrong for her body type and wants to lose her bulk, to an actor or actress that is big-boned and truly thinks that they're “stuck within" their body no matter what he/she tries, to a model who is thin and doesn't need to lose weight but needs to possess a healthier body ratio, Exude has the solution to your dilemma!


  1. The discipline of a proper exercise regimen carries over to your professional career as it assists you to stay focused and work through any adversity.
  2. Allows you to stay on top of your game whereas you have no weaknesses—as there's always someone who is equally ambitious as you, chasing your tail…
  3. Assuming you are of equal talent to everyone else in the big pool of entertainers, you never want to give someone a reason to say no to you, especially when you have the ability to control the outcome.
  4. You'll make more money.
  5. You'll make more money for a sustained and longer period of time.
  6. Everyone loves to look at fit people as it sends a message that you care about how you look, feel and present yourself to all others, including your fans, your viewers and followers.
  7. It makes your managers and agents job a lot easier to get you work as well as expands your repertoire, increasing the total number of roles/jobs/gigs you can now take on and pull off.
  8. If you have a particular region of your body that is not as pleasing to your own liking and you're an entertainer that perhaps sings and/or acts, your body-language spills over to your audience, viewers, concert hall, etc…
  9. It helps energize you and is a wonderful natural drug to combat fatique, and lulls when and if you ever get a bit down.
  10. When you're in great shape, you exude confidence and the world is your oyster…

For the past 15 years or so, Exude and Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. have been correcting Body Typo's in the entertainment industry through lending its expertise as the fitness, weight loss and body image experts to the leading celebrity magazines and websites. In addition, Exude and Edward have yearly been asked to lend their savior faire to assess Hollywood's best bodies amongst actors and singers. And of course, everybody remembers how Exude and Edward saved Miss Universe, Alicia Machado from Venezuela from having her crown taken away from her by Donald Trump for gaining weight. After Alicia read one of Edward's books, Hold it! You're Exercising Wrong, she was excited to finally work with an expert who understood what a healthy body weight should be and the reasons why her body was bulking because of all the heavy weights that her previous trainers made her do. Soon after, through the guidance, expertise and proper exercises for her body type, Exude was able to help slim Alicia Machado down, enabling her to keep her Miss Universe title – as she truly now quieted all of her critics as to why she had been selected the world's most beautiful woman.

Exude works with talent agencies, managers, publicists, and with the talent directly to inspire entertainers from around the world to achieve their health, fitness and aesthetic goals, despite any lifestyle or other perceived constraint.