Do you tend to carry weight in both your upper and lower body, yet are more slender through the waist? Is there a significant difference between the circumference of your chest and your waist (or between your hips and your waist)? Does your body appear balanced and curvaceous when you look in the mirror? If so, you are an hourglass.

Your Goal: Trim Upper and Lower Body

As an Hourglass, your mantra is high reps, low resistance and low weights for both upper and lower body. High reps mean at least 25 to 50 repetitions for each exercise. As you slim down and lose weight and mass, you can increase resistance and weight. But you still must maintain your high reps for each exercise. Hourglasses that bulk very easily may have to keep the resistance and weights at a low level forever.

Please Note:

Some women Hourglasses think that because they have a lower belly or “muffin-top" that they are Rulers and they are not. This is more characteristic for any woman who does not do enough cardio and core work and/or some women who have given birth and/or women in their forties or older.

Best exercises for the Hourglass shape

  • Jumping rope
  • Stationary biking with light to moderate resistance
  • Upper body exercises with light weights and high repetitions

Three exercises to avoid for the Hourglass shape

  • Step classes
  • Spinning
  • Kick-boxing

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