Are you pretty much built straight up and down with very few curves? Is there little difference in the circumferences of your chest, waist, and hips? Do you tend to put on weight around your midsection? If so, you are a ruler.

Your Goal: Trim Stomach to Add Curves to Your Body.

As a Ruler, you pretty much have free rein to perform any kind of exercise, provided you are not overweight. If you are overweight, ease up on the weights and resistance a little bit until you start to trim down. Then you can incorporate both. Protect your back! Don't skip your stretching routine before you work out, and stretch your hamstrings lightly at the end of all of your workouts.

Best exercises for the ruler shape

  • Yoga, all stretch and calisthenics classes, Pilates on machines
  • Full sit-ups w/out locking feet, upper and lower abdominal crunches and leg-outs
  • Jogging with incline, step classes, spinning, lunges, squats

exercises to avoid for the ruler shape

  • None – Unless you're overweight, all exercises are recommended. If you need to reduce your weight, use light to moderate resistance/weights until you reach your ideal weight.

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