Do you carry most of your weight in your hips, thigh, and buttocks? Are you more slender on the top? Do you tend to gain weight or carry extra weight from the hips down? Do your eyes go directly to the lower half of your body when you look in the mirror? If so, you are a spoon.

Your Goal: Trim Lower Body and Strengthen Upper Body So Your Body Becomes More Proportionate.

As a Spoon, the rule of thumb is high reps and low resistance for all lower-body exercises, and moderate to high resistance for all upper-body exercises. If you're overweight, the resistance should not be too high for the upper body either. You don't want to push out the fat as you build muscle underneath. Until you are at a weight and size you're happy with, do not increase the resistance or weight on any exercise, but rather increase the number of repetitions to continue to burn off fat and inches.

Please Note:

Some women think that because their bottom half of their body is somewhat larger than their upper body that they are Spoons. They are actually bottom-heavy Hourglasses, meaning that they bulk both on top and below, but bulk faster and more down below.

Best exercises for the spoon shape

  • Jumping rope with a speed rope
  • Push-ups
  • Standing knee to opposite chest

Three exercises to avoid for the spoon shape

  • Squats, lunges and ankle weights
  • All stair climbers/steppers, Elliptical and cross trainers
  • Spinning

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