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Exude programs are not based on theory. They are rooted in science, medical research, and 25+ years of hands on empirical evidence. All of our exercise prescriptions include the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) protocols. We address the five areas that the ACSM defines as “fitness:" flexibility, cardio-vascular conditioning, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and body ratio. Exude's body type methodology is validated by our results and by extensive scientific literature on the effects of various types of exercise.

Over the years, Exude has been the front-runner and pioneer in educating people from around the world that there are many forms of exercise that in theory “can be good for you". However, although you may be exercising in which you are receiving some benefits, is the exercise you've chosen; a) one that you can perform on a consistent basis without doing harm to your body based on your medical & orthopedic background and, b) is it going to help you achieve all of your fitness, health & aesthetic goals? Both of these elements must be present — in order to improve the way you look and feel.

In 1985, Exude's CEO & Founder, Edward Jackowski, Ph.D., first started re-educating the general public that weights can and do indeed “bulk" women. And although Edward was not the first to tell everyone that weights can bulk women (there are medical studies that go back nearly 50 years that support this science), he was the first fitness expert to warn people that if you possess a particular body type and have a specific goal, that unless that weight-lifting movement is body type friendly, you will actually make your problem areas look worse. Equally important, he was able to package the only fitness system that can correct those flaws.

All of Exude's claims and observations are detailed in Edward's initial fitness columns throughout the mid-1980's and early books; America, You're Exercising Wrong (Exude Fitness, 1992) and Hold it! You're Exercising Wrong (Simon & Schuster, 1995). As his books began to draw the interest of the media — because the very same editors who were writing that women should not worry about lifting heavy weights because gals “can't bulk" — actually started to bulk themselves. Edward would then design fitness programs based on their specific body types and goals to help transform their bodies and as a result, they then would write articles on the importance of working out for your body type.

Another innovative medical fact that Edward and Exude is credited with is; the best exercises on losing body fat, weight and mass. For years, we've been inundated and misinformed, that if we lift weights and add muscle to our bodies, we will automatically increase our metabolism and hence, be able to burn more calories during resting state (known as our BMR) and possess a healthy body ratio. In Edward's third book, Escape Your Shape (Simon & Schuster, 2001), he created the world's first chart (Exer-Form) which outlines exactly how much aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise is needed to lose weight and/or tone-up.

And finally, there are these so-called fitness experts out there that say that you don't need to exercise in order to lose weight…And although that may be true for initially losing some weight, the only long-term weight loss goals that have been medically-proven to be maintained, all include some form of exercise/fitness component. In Edward's fourth book Escape Your Weight (St. Martin's Press, 2004), he created three (3) approaches that include eating plans vs. frequency of exercise — as far as what he/she is most comfortable with in order to adhere to and be successful with weight loss.

Interestingly, all seven (7) of Exude's books are still in print, which today, especially for the fitness industry is unheard of... As fitness fads come and go, nothing has changed in Exude's core philosophy from Day 1, other than we literally have perfected it and have it down to a “science" today – all to benefit the end-user, you!

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