Fitness Myth: Muscle vs Fat

I’m going to share with a fitness faux pas that have been either debunked or proven by medical data. I hope you will heed this advice and make these adjustments into your own personal fitness regimen.

Fitness Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat. 

Before you click away, muscle does indeed weigh more than fat, but it needs clarification. It doesn’t mean that you’ll become “fatter” if you exercise and build muscle.

What people mean to say is that per square inch of volume or space the weight of muscle is denser than that of fat. Imagine making a fist. That is about the space that one pound of fat takes up. Now take your thumb and forefinger and make a circle with your fingers; this silver dollar of space represents the space or volume that one pound of muscle takes up.

Pound for pound, fat takes up approximately 3 times the amount of space as muscle. Because fat takes up more space, that’s one of the reasons people who possess a lot of fat actually look and appear heavier than they are and people with a healthier body ratio of muscle vs. fat look lighter than the scale indicates or to the naked eye. Now, can’t we fit or insert a lot more of those silver dollars versus fists into our bodies? 

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As an author, Edward has written seven books in the motivational fitness, weight loss/golf vocations including the best-selling Escape Your Shape.