Obesity and COVID - Part 1

After doing my research, I’ve decided to put together some data and helpful information that’ll be easier to understand than a medical journal. 

Obese patients who contracted COVID-19 are 74% more likely to end up in the ICU and 48% are more likely to die.

The medical community has known now for years that obesity is a major risk factor for flu complications. It actually makes the common flu vaccine less effective in obese recipients. Even with the vaccine, obese patients have a 10% chance of getting the flu, as opposed to the 5% probability of contracting the cold for those non-obese vaccinees. So, this “new news” is not really new, because it follows the same pattern - but now we're not just talking about a bad cold here, we are talking about life or death…

COVID-19 is especially more deadly to certain ethnicities where obesity is also high. Deaths Related to Covid-19 Based on Race/Ethnicity - from Most to Least: Indigenous Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Whites, Asians. And, if you were to categorize the highest obesity percentages based on Race/Ethnicity, other than the first two groups swapping places, they are almost identical in nature!

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