When it comes to Virtual Fitness today, there are a plethora of options to choose from.  But, what truly makes a company more effective in getting their clients closer to that "nirvana" called fitness?

Is it the variety of classes/programming available?  How about the energy associated with the instructor?  Or, perhaps it is because you know you won't do anything on your own and need to schedule a workout ensuring that you will at least do something?

Well, according to Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. the founder of Exude Fitness - there are three vital components that must be present in any virtual exercise-related program in order to be successful with proper fitness, maintaining motivation and achieving your fitness goals; 1) it must be sustainable, 2) it must be educational and, 3) it must increase your fitness level and improve your body giving you the results you are seeking.


Whatever you choose to do fitness-wise, can you do it today, next week and years from now?  Are these exercises good for my medical background and orthopedic concerns?  With my lifestyle, can I perform them on a regular basis? If you cannot answer YES to all of these questions, you will not be able to be consistent with the frequency necessary in order to be effective and thus, you might even set yourself back a bit because some of the exercise may be exacerbating a compromised region of your body that is already injured...


Does your exercise session hit all the five medical components of a fitness program, namely; cardio, stretching, muscle endurance, muscle strength and body ratio? Do you warm-up, then strecth, workload and cool-down each and every time you workout?  Do you know how to perform a full-body routine on your own when not with your online instructor to complement what you are doing with him/her?  If you cannot answer YES to all of these questions, you do not have a well-rounded and sound fitness program and thus, will never truly become fit.


In theory, all exercise might or could be good for you...In reality, is what you are doing exercise-wise, improving all aspects of fitness and is your body changing for the better, and are your problem-areas getting better or in many cases, worse?  In general we often choose the exercises that we like and those at which we are good at, not necessarily what we need.  If your body is not improving in 30 days or more, you might be receiving some benefits, but not all three associated with proper fitness; an increase in your fitness level, improved health and, are you reaching your aesthetic goals.

Exude Fitness was founded by Jackowski in 1985 while he was just a student doing his undergraduate work at Baruch Business School in Manhattan, NY.  Fast forward - Exude today owns the world's only patented and medically-proven fitness system based on body types and has been chronicled in literally thousands of media articles, television/radio shows and online articles.  In addition, Edward has written seven books with some of the largest publishing houses and is also one of the country's leading experts in combating and preventing Type II Diabetes through his exercise-related programming.

And, before the internet became a mainstay for everyone, Exude had a head-start in today's virtual fitness arena as they created real-time fitness and individual coaching around the world in the late 1980's.  Back then, Edward would call clients in different parts of the USA and various countries and have him/her send Exude a Polaroid picture of themselves in workout clothing and then Exude would mail or Fedex them a medical/lifestyle form that he/she would then send back to Exude.  Once this was received, Edward would then call his clients on the phone to discuss all the factors vital to becoming more fit and then mail them their individualized fitness prescription along with one of his books, a VHS or DVD which outlined in detail, a full-body exercise routine based on their body type.

Today of course, all of this is done virtually/online and Exude offers this unique and individualized training through its Exude Virtual Global Fitness Programming at:

Founder & CEO of Exude Fitness
As an author, Edward has written seven books in the motivational fitness, weight loss/golf vocations including the best-selling Escape Your Shape.