Maximizing Your Workout Routine: Part 1

Having been a fitness trainer my entire life, I am really happy to see when people decide to better their lives through exercise. However, not everyone starts off the same, and unfortunately, not everyone starts off with the best information. As such, in this series, I am going to go over some tips for you to maximize your workout routine!
CLEAR DISTRACTIONS! Get those phones out of your face when you’re working out. That hour of time you allotted to working on you should be fully devoted to that. Don’t waste those precious minutes texting away or looking at Youtube. Be effective with your time!

RAISE THE INTENSITY! The intensity of a workout is what raises your metabolism. So if you’re working out to lose weight, make sure that you’re increasing resistance or weights or whatever it is. Make sure it gets progressively harder. 

WEIGHTS ARE FRIENDS! Don’t be scared of weights people. Weights are a great tool for building muscle and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn passively. 

TOSS THAT SCALE! Of course, I don’t mean that literally. But as you build muscle and lose fat, you may not actually lose weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. As such, do not be discouraged if, after a month of exercise, you notice no change in your weight; you’re getting leaner!

Founder & CEO of Exude Fitness
As an author, Edward has written seven books in the motivational fitness, weight loss/golf vocations including the best-selling Escape Your Shape.