Maximizing Your Workout Routine: Part 3

In our last part of this series, I will go over some of the most important lessons that I have learned and want to share with you. If you take anything away from these last few posts, I really hope that these final three are the ones that stick with you! Enjoy, and please remember to work with your body, not against it. 

CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO! Cardio workouts are very important for building your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Raising your heart rate is also critical for losing weight, and cardio is truly a great way to do that. Jump Rope specifically is among the best cardio exercises you can do.

PERSONALIZE YOUR WORKOUT! Remember, your body is different. The same workout program that worked for that ripped guy on Youtube will not necessarily work for you. So don’t be surprised when you don’t see the results you want by following someone else’s plan. Reach out to a personal trainer or a doctor, and see what kinds of workout programs are best for you.

ENJOY IT! I cannot stress this enough. When it comes to fitness, remaining consistent with your workouts is the most critical aspect of success. And what’s the key to doing something consistently? Wanting to do it. Exercise can be fun!

Thank you all for tuning in, and I hope you learned something in the past few days that will help you on your fitness journey. I hope you’re going strong with your workout regimens!

Founder & CEO of Exude Fitness
As an author, Edward has written seven books in the motivational fitness, weight loss/golf vocations including the best-selling Escape Your Shape.